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Dahl Buckle Concept : body

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How did this design improve life?:

Every day billions of people wear and use buckles in many different aspects and shapes. The Dahl Buckle Concept will set new standards for the use of Buckles on your belt, your bag, and your shoes. Even the way you use them will be affected. Dahl Buckle is a multi-purpose-buckle featuring life improvement:

● for the trendy – it practically offers unexpected possibilities, e.g. a white porcelain buckle on a black quality leather belt, for designer bags with multiple buckles and belting, on boots and wrist watches, just to mention a few options,

● for the streetwise – driven by a constant craving for innovative and flexible solutions – for belts, caps, skateboard attachment straps, etc.,

● for Children’s universe – indefinite variations and combinations – buckles and belts in a great variety of colours and collector’s item replaceable motifs, e.g. for LEGO CLIKITS, Beyblade, and Disney. Taken to the extreme: Candymass buckles on liquorice belting,

● for sports and leisure – for bags and accessories. For golf bags, weapons, at sea, for skiing and equipment – the sky is the limit,

● for pets – where innovative buckles and straps are required. For saddles, headstall, collars, and leashes,

● for nightlife – to the growing world of experimenting SM and fetish people to whom fast and easy strapping is a paramount element of the experience,

● for business and industry – the packaging industry and retail businesses are offered novel methods for packaging and wrapping. Moreover, the concept is applicable to work wear and uniforms,

Furthermore we wish - with our design - to withdraw from the use-and-throw-mentality and focus on the use of a multifunctional buckle that can be re-used timeless for other belts and straps.

Name of Designer(s):
Thomas Dahl, - Henrik B. Møller
Designers professional status:
Status of realization:
Kind of design:
Intangible design
Produced by:
Handmade samples only
Year of production, realization or publishing:
Designed in country:
Used on continents:
Entire World
Short description of design:

The Dahl Buckle Concept is a simple and functional concept. All the designs to be developed in the frames of the Concept are easy to manufacture in a variety of materials. The Concept pushes the boundaries for functionality as well as options for materials. Further it allows for casting in all metals, synthetics, and ceramics.

Likewise, our Concept is applicable to natural materials such as leather, rubber, bone, wood, and stone.
Functionallity and use of design:

The Dahl Buckle Concept is - a unique, unprecedented multi-purpose concept allowing for unconventional design, materials and manufacturing processes.

“Now you can attach your braces directly to your belt” While traditional buckles only allow usage in a parallel way - the design allows straps to be crossed, and/or more buckles to be attached simultaneously. The Concept also allows designs for buckles to be double-sided.
Drawbacks of life improvement:

The Dahl Buckle Design offers a Wonderland to accessories and gadgets freaks – "who says a belt can only have one buckle" – why not two, three, or seven?

This might - carried to the extreme - result in higher expenditure by the consumers and thereby an environmental impact.

Besides this we really do not see any drawbacks but advantages to the improvement of life.
Research and need:

Being a precious metal designer MGH graduate from Institute of Precious Metal substantiated by a long design career, Thomas Dahl, 1962, is gifted and highly qualified for creating functional design with a keen eye for detail and material.

Superior skills that won Thomas Dahl the “Kunsthåndværkerprisen af 1879 “ (Danish Craftsprize). Thomas Dahl has made one-offs for The Danish Monarchy as well as for the Danish Museum of Decorative Art.

Dahl Buckle Concept
The Dahl Buckle Concept arose out of a vision to design a simple yet very flexible functional buckle, easy to manufacture in a variety of materials and free of any moving parts.

All designs of the Dahl Buckle Concept thereby offers castable facilitating manufacturing. In addition another process is avoided inasmuch as attachment to straps and belting needs neither sewing nor riveting.

The Concept is protected by an internationally patent.
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