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3D-corporate identity of the Belgian railway : community

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How did this design improve life?:
The transparent looking styling and the modularity allows the integration of the system into the environment of different kind of stations.

Benches, information panels and brochure-racks are joined together creating information - and resting place-unit.

Brochures are clearly laid out and positioned at an accessible height for all people. Posters in the information panels can be easily changed and updated.

Cultural- and city information can be offered, which gives Railway stations a new dimension as a cultural meeting point.

The ticket-windows-design offers a solution for usability problems, which exist in stations around the world. How do small and handicapped people get a ticket? The modular ticket wall in two levels offers a solution for this problem. They can get a ticket from the lower level at any ticket-window without help. Small children can be seated on the lower level while their parents buy a ticket.

The beacon, with its recognizable styling, is lit up during the night and 15 meters high, which improves the identification of the station. People can find the station even in an unfamiliar town.
Name of Designer(s):
Ulrike Herremans and Yves Herremans, company Motion R+D
Designers professional status:
Status of realization:
Not realized
Kind of design:
Year of production, realization or publishing:
Designed in country:
Used on continents:
Short description of design:
Design of 3D-corporate identity of the Belgian railway. The design includes these elements:

-Design of the ticket-window
-Design of inquiry-panels and benches for railway station
-Design of a beacon for the identification of the railway stations

Functionallity and use of design:

-Integration of information-displays above the ticket window
-2 serve-levels (handicapped and small people, Youth)

Inquiry-panels, brochure-rack and benches

-Information-centre and meeting point for travellers, visitors and tourists, which are combined in one modular system

The beacon

-Identification of the station
-Double pillar with glass-panel on which the logo of the Railway-company is printed
-Glass-panel is lit up (using LED, which are integrated in the double pillar) during the night.
-2 solar-panels deliver the energy for the LED-lighting (batteries)
-Characteristics: innovative, ecological and dynamic
Drawbacks of life improvement:
The design will be relatively expensive (short term) because of the use of durable materials (corian).
Research and need:
Visit of different Railway Stations to survey the behaviour and needs of Travellers where we noticed the following points: Generally we experienced stations as being cold and uninviting. There is a lack of resting places and benches. It is often difficult to find information in stations; every station is laid out in a different manner. We also missed customer friendliness and good solutions for handicapped and small people.

Design of Ticket-window in corporation with Dupont (corian) Belgium for the material-selection.

Development of the use of LED-technology and solar-energy in corporation with Shréder.
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