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international organisation that wants to spark awareness and debate on the great importance and potential of design. INDEX: wants to inspire the creation of new designs that improve the lives of many people around the world.
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How did this design improve life?:
Most country’s in western Europe purify their tab-water into clean drinking water. The strange thing about this is that only 10% of this water is actually used for drinking! People take a shower, do the laundry, flush the toilet and even water the plants with this drinking water!
Silicup is specially designed to promote the drinking of tab-water instead of wasting it.
It’s a simple, but fun way of drinking cheap and clean water and with, hopefully, a positive change in the mind about tab-water. It’s water to drink, not to waste!
Tab-water is at it’s best when it’s cool and when you wait a few minutes before drinking it. This to let the clearing chlorine-gasses vaporize. The Silicup satisfies to all these demands and even more.
The design can be used by all ages and should be handed out (for free) by the water-distribution companies. This will be good for them and for the environment!
There will be less good water spoiled, less plastic waste, less unhealthy soda-drinks, etc.
Please, drink tab-water, it’s good for you!
Name of Designer(s):
Gert Van der Vloet
Designers professional status:
Status of realization:
Not realized
Kind of design:
Year of production, realization or publishing:
Designed in country:
Used on continents:
Australia, Europe, North America
Short description of design:
The design is a drinking cup made out of semi-transparent silicone or polyurethane rubber which gives it a special tactile value. It’s shaped in the most purified possible shape of a cup. The silicup has a thick base for stability and functionality and is possible in almost every color.
Functionallity and use of design:
Put it for 10min. in the freezer. Then you take the flexible cup out of the freezer, put tab-water in it and let it rest. While the water’s cooling, the gasses vaporize out of the water. After 8min. the water is cool and stays cool because of the thick base.
Drawbacks of life improvement:
The design is made for mass production, so if it is made in small amounts, it becomes expensive.
Not all the country’s in the world purify their tab-water into drinking water, so be careful where u use it.
Research and need:
The material (silicone rubber) the silicup is made of, is normally used for moulds in the food industry. This because of it’s good resistance against tearing apart and temperatures from –70°C up to +300°C.
This is one of the reasons why the base is made thicker. It keeps the cold temperature longer contrary to the edges, which adapt to the temperature of the hands.
The second reason the base is thicker, is to give the silicup a good stability.
The tactile value and looks are at my opinion as important as the functionality because people have to have some pleasure when they are using it. This was no problem with the silicone rubber because it feels very pleasant and the looks are funny with the small bubbles inside of the material.
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