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Bloody Room : home

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How did this design improve life?:
The design for these carpet floor tiles is the constructive result of a dispute between the person giving the assignment and myself.
A long dispute that physically and mentally drained the both of us.
In the asked design for a wallpaper and carpet floor tiles, this is exactly what i wanted to express; a line of blood, running down from the wall and ending in a huge stain on the floor.

The thinking process resulted in 5 simple patterns, each on 1 carpet tile, measuring 40 cm by 40 cm allowing anyone to make any kind of “drawing”, small or big, random or organized, functional or decorative, trendy or classic.
A minimum of patterns that gives an unlimited number of possibilities.
In order to make the idea as clear as possible, a blood red color was developed for this first prototype. Obviously, colors can be changed and adapted to any other context.

The design is helpful in a way that it allows anybody to put a hand in the design itself. People can freely create their own pattern or drawing, which can after a while be changed as easily. The design helps organizing spaces and rooms because of its ability to create areas without the aid of separating walls or furniture.
It allows people to make big open areas with just a touch of color or, for example a mark where the door opens. It allows children to draw islands in the floor to play on. It allows people to make a clean open space or a very dramatic scenery, depending on their own taste or mood.

During various presentations of the design, many persons started giving their own ideas about it, how they would use it and what kind of pattern they would make with the tiles.
It was interesting to hear how much the drawings would change if put in the various contexts, but that it’s all possible with the same 5 tiles.
For the person giving the assignment and me, it put a positive end to a long dispute.
Name of Designer(s):
Jonas Van Avermaet
Designers professional status:
Status of realization:
Kind of design:
Produced by:
Tarkett Sommer
Year of production, realization or publishing:
Designed in country:
Used on continents:
Short description of design:
5 different patterns, each ink-jet printed on carpet tiles, measuring 40 cm by 40 cm.
Unlimited color combinations.
The shown prototype is a huge stain on the floor, about 20 square meters.
Functionallity and use of design:
A set of tiles (the number of tiles depends on the surface it needs to cover) allows the user to make any kind of "drawing" or pattern.
The tiles are simply put on the working floor and applied without glue or extra material.
Drawbacks of life improvement:
For people who don't like carpet tiles, it will not be useful. It can be interesting to see it, but not to put in use.
For people who suffer from allergies to dust etc, this product is to be avoided probably.

For production; some color combinations (like the one for this prototype for example) are not being produced. Bright colors on even brighter backgrounds are to be avoided for the process that fixes the ink on/in the carpet, makes the paint to spray from time to time, which results in tiny dots on the brighter background. Quality standards do not accept these flaws.
For the prototype, a white background (= the color of the yarn of the carpet itself) was used, to create a maximum contrast.
For production, a more beige or egg-shell colour would be used.
So for production, some color combinations would not be available.
Research and need:
The design is part of a assignment that included a design for a print on a fabric, a design for a wallpaper and thus a design for carpet floor tiles. Each part had to be able to stand on its own and was submitted by its own restrictions if to be put in production.
The idea for this "Bloody Room" comes from a dispute between the person giving the assignment and myself.
It drained and tired the both of us and, thinking about the assignment, i decided to use this in a positive way and make the bad energy run down the wall (which resulted in the wallpaper) and my clothing (which resulted in the print on a fabric) and ending in a big stain on the floor; the carpet tiles.
Starting from this random drawing of the stain, i came down to 5 different patterns (each 1 tile).
With these patterns i started making other "drawings" and soon found out that the possibilities are endless and can be adapted to any kind of context. By using other colors as well, it was not easy to take it out of this bloody story and make it somewhat more positive and less individual.
However, for the prototype i found it important to make it clear where the idea came from and decided on this color.

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