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international organisation that wants to spark awareness and debate on the great importance and potential of design. INDEX: wants to inspire the creation of new designs that improve the lives of many people around the world.
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Mobileasy : home

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How did this design improve life?:
It is important to have a mobile phone easy to use. There are no model today that can be used by a person with stiff, shaky fingers, bad sight or hearing.In the future a lot of people have to be well cared for in their homes and it must be easy for them to be intouch.
The phone will reload in the night when it hangs on a hook at the bed. If you wish, a nurse at a hospital can detect if the phone is on the hook or not.

Name of Designer(s):
Karin Ohlis
Designers professional status:
Status of realization:
Not realized
Kind of design:
Year of production, realization or publishing:
Designed in country:
Used on continents:
Entire World
Short description of design:
Mobileasy hang in a string (fasten under the receiver) around your neck. The receiver is big and covers your ear. Spaced, enlarged keys with concave shape.
To have the best working qualification the model has to be discussed with employees in nursing, disabled- and pensioners’ associations, researcher and mobile manufacturer.
Functionallity and use of design:
You can feel in the string if there is a signal. You always will put the phone in the right way, and it covers your ear so it is easier to hear.
You press the correct key and the fingers will stay in place.

Drawbacks of life improvement:
The nurse or relatives don´t have to visit. Perhaps Mobileasy will "create" a lot of lonely people.
Research and need:
1.When my parents, 90 years old where going on holiday to a cottage without phone, I thought they could use my mobile phone. They couldn´t use it, it was too small.
2. I live alone in my house. One day when I was in the basement I fell and needed help. My phone was in my handbag. If I have my phone around the neck, no problem.
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