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international organisation that wants to spark awareness and debate on the great importance and potential of design. INDEX: wants to inspire the creation of new designs that improve the lives of many people around the world.
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Title Designer Designed In
ClearRx system Deborah Adler and Klaus Rosburg United States
Simple Toilet-Emergency Sanitation Andrej Pretnar Slovenia
solar pasteurisation unit Kent Laursen Denmark
NurseBot: Personal Mobile Robotic Assistants for... CARNEGIE MELLON UNIVERSITY ... United States
Unplugged – Mobilizing PowerUnplugged –... Tine Hertz (Student at; The Danish Academy of Design ... Denmark
Syopa (= cancer in Finnish) trademark The print and clothing was designed by Paola Suhonen (the hippest fashion designer in Finland). The launch campaign was designed by Bob Helsinki – Ale Lauraeus ... Finland
Flexor- active wheelchair prototype Csaba Szilágyi G. Hungary
Personal Water Cleaner OPV Marko Baus ... Croatia
the vOICe Peter BL Meijer Netherlands
Corsinel Annette Meyer and Astrid Krogh Denmark
Bio Rubber Assisting professor Yadong Wang United States
Artificial Heart – collaboration amongst... Kazuo Kawasaki,Ph.D Japan
iBOT™ Mobility System Dean Kamen United States
Vivid-i Vivid-i Designers: Melanie Augui ... France
MICUS stretcher Struktur Design ... Sweden
SitBag Henrik Asbjørn Denmark
The Helping Hand, IDAS I Designit and Bang & Olufsen Medicom Denmark
The Lifeport Kidney Transporter IDEO: a team of UK and American designers and engineers: ... United States
The “SOS” Infant Nursing Packs Hakeem Adebola Lawal Denmark
LifeStraw TM The original idea was created by Torben Vestergaard Frandsen ... Denmark
Bios Urn Gerad Moline ... Spain
ORBIS Flying Eye Hospital The primary design conceptualist was David Paton who supervised the final specs through desgin company Mobile Aerospace Engineering ... United States
Apligraf® Living Skin Organogenesis United States
HealthNet Matt Hamlin ... United States
SpeediCath Compact Allan Tanghøj Denmark


Title Designer Designed In
Electric powered vehicle, with shut body and... Zsolt Varga (Mr) Hungary
Home Tanker 100L Toshihiko Ikarashi ... Japan
Circles of Care: Improving the hospital... Bernd Hitzeroth ... Italy
Toyota Prius Executive chief engineer Shigeyuki Hori ... Japan
Project Fox AkimZasdBus ... Denmark
Create! Don't Hate. Campaign for Tolerance The "Create! Don't Hate. Campaign for Tolerance" is truly a community project ... United States
Skype Niklas Zennström & Janus Friis Netherlands
60 degrees Subway Overhead Support Handle Hsieh Cheng-Yuan ... Taiwan
ApproTEC MoneyMaker Deep Lift Pump Ben Tarbell ... United States
The EcoSource project Poonam Bir Kasturi ... India
AIGA Design for Democracy: Election Design Directors: Marcia Lausen ... United States
LINUX Linus Torvalds United States
WIKI Software: Beyond Blogs Bo Leuf ... Sweden
ÑANDEVA –Three-National Design & handicraft... Design Coordinator: Giulio Vinaccia ... Italy
SimplyCity The Naked Architects: ... Belgium
SpaceShipOne Burt Rutan United States
iPlus 2G3G with WiFi Wood&Wood Design & Cityspace United Kingdom
A Strategy: Moving America Away from Oil The Arlington Institute designed this plan. ... United States
Architecture for Humanity Founder and Executive Director ... United States
trioBike Lars Pedersen ... Denmark
Opti Sensor Marianne Tuxen ... Denmark
Socialcommercialism The Muungano designgroup: ... Sweden
The 'RAM-Exchange': Informality as ICT Interface... Co-lateral CCS (Federico Bozo_Gustavo Muci_Armando Montilla_Alejandra Salas) Venezuela
(re)pay Neven Kovacic ... Cyber Space
drowning.defender Chng Jonning – Temasek Design School ... Singapore
Zip-Shelter Sigmar Willnauer ... Germany
BIX Communicative Display Skin for the Kunsthaus... Jan Edler and Tim Edler (realities:united ... Germany
Wovin Wall System Box & Dice Pty. Limited ... Australia
E-BAY, newest version E-Bay United States
NCC Concept House - the house without energy bills NCC Technology. ... Sweden
Sun Shelter Pavilion, Frank Rice Safehaven SCI-Arc Outreach and Community Program: ... United States
Neotopia – Atlas of equitable distribution of... Manuela Pfrunder Switzerland
Mobile.Seed Belmer Negrillo Italy
Siyathemba – The field of hope The Architecture for Humanity team (among others the founder of the organisation ... United States
Grippa Clips to Stop Bag Dippers and Lifters Jackie Piper ... United Kingdom


Title Designer Designed In
GRID Peter Lassen Denmark
moon Wotan Wilden Germany
DYSON Vacuum Cleaner James Dyson United Kingdom
paraSITE: New York City variant (2000-present) Michael Rakowitz United States
SQFlex Niels Due Jensen Denmark
iMac G5 Apple Industrial Design Team United States
Kurumono Kitchen Professional Advisors: Monica Chadha (Architect) ... United States
Fiskars Universal Convenience Cutter Olavi Lindén ... Finland
Museu da Casa Brasileira, Education and... Adelia Borges ... Brazil
Sandbug and Gofer Matthew White United Kingdom
Turbo Stove Tapio Niemi Finland
Hippo Roller Pettie Penzer and Johan Jonker South Africa
The Evolutionary Housing System Arpita Agrawal ... United States
Fab Tree Hab Mitchell Joachim ... United States
AMUN - The Pulse of the House PETER RIERING-CZEKALLA ... Germany
DiamondHelp Charles Rich ... United States
Harvester Heat Jonas Ravlo Stokke Norway
Boase Studio Force4 design team: Andreas Lauesen ... Denmark
softwall Todd MacAllen ... Canada


Title Designer Designed In
Copenhagen Habour Bath, Islands Brygge Julien de Smedt and Bjarke Ingels from the architectural firm Tegnestuen Plot in collaboration with The Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities. Denmark
'c' system Jade Aloof (Junior Designer) - David Walsh (Senior Designer) - Andrew Paterson (Senior Designer) - Stephen Bell (Creative Director) - Philip Stevenson (Account Manager) United Kingdom
APPLE, iTunes, iPod Jonathan Ive (Industrial Design ... United States
AXN 300 & AXN 500 outdoor computers Olli Komulainen ... Finland
Tennis racket pick-up ball accessory Andrej Pretnar Slovenia
Combined City Vehicle (CCV) Jacek Figarski Poland
AXIOM Range of playground products Hannu Ylinenpää ... Finland
Claystation Benjamin Hughes ... United Kingdom
InterPlay Elizabeth Akers ... United States
Tank Park Grethe Løland Norway
Xtreme West URBANE TEHNIKE (architectural office) ... Croatia
Trijak - a new watercraft Josefin Carne ... Sweden
Eifelland DESEO, light-weight and absolute... müller|romca Industrial Design ... Germany
Airman Gopingpong ... Denmark


Title Designer Designed In
FORD PLANT GREEN ROOF William McDonough ... United States
GUARANÁ POWER SUPERFLEX. Superflex consists of Rasmus Nielsen ... Denmark
Kinkajou Portable Library and Projector Timothy Prestero ... United States
Material Explorer - Material Selection Support... Arnold van Bezooyen ... Netherlands
Solar surgery light Kent Laursen Denmark
GOOGLE Larry Page ... United States
SIM Carpet Simulation Tricycle ... United Kingdom
Concept: $100 Laptop Nicholas Negroponte (founder of the MIT Media Lab) ... United States
ScooterDesk Jiri Vanmeerbeeck Belgium
Power Mac 5/Cinema Display system Apple Industrial Design Team United States
Snail Housetrap Andrea Arrau García Chile
Project Infusion Eric Holubow ... United States
Observatorio Iberoamericano para la Artesanía y... Rafael Rivas de Benito together with a team at the Ministry for Industry ... Spain
Håg Swing Peter Opsvik Norway
The Thinktank The Thinktank was designed collaboratively by Central Saint Martins ... United Kingdom
Rice Maps Susan McCouch and team ... United States
DIANE: A “DIgital ANalysis Environment” system The Arlington Institute designed this plan. The designers were John L. Petersen (President) ... United States
RIQUADRO Design data contextualization and... Tommaso Lanza ... Italy
Rescuerunner Fredrik Falkman Sweden
Agrobot Henrik Nørby ... Denmark
Round zone container Minna Ahokas. Finland
OUTREACH, Designs for a Mobile Health Clinic to... KHRAS Architects ... Denmark
Bluetooth technology LM Ericsson Sweden
Karrysafe bags and accessories Adam Thorpe and Joe Hunter - designers ... United Kingdom
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