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international organisation that wants to spark awareness and debate on the great importance and potential of design. INDEX: wants to inspire the creation of new designs that improve the lives of many people around the world.
INDEX: Views
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INDEX: Views Summit – Copenhagen & Malmö, September 25th -28th 2005

Imagine how many problems around the world we can begin to solve if we use our insight into human needs, combine it with all our available knowledge and technology, and make use of our creativity…

INDEX: believes that new design processes are an invaluable tool for such “human centred innovation”. The purpose of the INDEX: Views Summit is to show how we can use these potentials of design – and to inspire the participants and other representatives from business, government and society to develop new designs that improve human life.

INDEX: Views Summit is a new design & innovation conference: Instead of talking about design and innovation, the participants use new design processes to create ideas for design and innovation to improve human life during the Summit.

30 creative leaders
INDEX: Views summits 30 international creative leaders - prominent innovators, creative thinkers and leaders in e.g. design & architecture, research & development, business & society. During the Summit, they work closely together with teams of talented young designers, researchers and students from leading universities on five challenges to human life around the world – one from each of the five INDEX: categories of Body, Home, Work, Play & Community. Altogether, 100 people participate directly in the work. In addition, 100 key stakeholders, incl. leaders and experts from interested companies and organisations, contribute with their thoughts and reflections on the five challenges during the Summit. 

Five challenges  
The INDEX: Views Summit challenges include: 

  • Body: How we care for our personal health – e.g. our eating habits and eldercare. 
  • Home: How we live at home and in our cities – e.g. our personal housing and urban development.
  • Work: How we work and learn – e.g. our development of workplaces and educational institutions. 
  • Play: How play enhances all of life – e.g. our attention to play and recreation.
  • Community: How we live together sustainably – e.g. our use of resources and social well-being. 

A design process
The Summit participants have to develop new approaches, ideas and suggestions of how we can improve life in each of the five areas. To do so, they will use the methods of new design processes that combine insight into human needs, scientific and technological expertise, scenarios and visualisations with creative thinking to develop practical solutions. The Summit process is organised by international design- and innovation experts from The Idea Factory.

Don’t tell it, show it
The ambition of the INDEX: Views Summit is to present an exciting showcase of the use of new design processes – and to provide concrete inspiration for how to improve human life. Accordingly, the INDEX: Views Summit is based on an open-source principle: The outcomes are made freely available to all interested companies, organisation and public authorities.

Following up
The Views Summit forms the basis for an INDEX: Charter published primo December 2005 presenting all outcomes, recommendations for their further use as well as examples of new design tools for innovation. In addition, INDEX: organises a range of follow-up activities – incl. lectures for students, network seminars for young designers and workshops for companies, public authorities and organisations – based on the Summit.

INDEX: Views Summit – more details

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Contact & information
Press: Please contact INDEX: Communication Director Peter Hentze Knudsen, T +45 6129 2007, E

Participants and others: Please contact INDEX: Development Director Lars Jannick Johansen, T +45 6129 2008, E; or Growth Manager Wickie Meier, T +45 6129 2003, E


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INDEX: 2005 partners were government institutions, private companies and foundations that support INDEX: 2005 financially and with services. Our partners were an integrated part of the development of INDEX: 2005
Without them, INDEX: 2005 would not have existed.

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