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international organisation that wants to spark awareness and debate on the great importance and potential of design. INDEX: wants to inspire the creation of new designs that improve the lives of many people around the world.
INDEX: Views
Visiting Copenhagen?

INDEX:2005 was an eye opener for design students.

“INDEX has been a giant project." From South Africa over China to California INDEX:2005 was a learning process.

"It has really been a challenging project, a very important experience for our students to take part in. The introduction of  a new way of developing design was really a challenge and and ‘eye opener’  for the students, and I am sure that in the future this will have an impact on the students  design solutions.
Of course we’ll be happy to take part in the next INDEX 2007 –  the vision of young designers all over the world working together is so important.”
Designskolen Kolding, Elle-Mie Ejdrup Hansen and Inger Merete Skotting

“The INDEX: 2005 project was remarkable as an education because of the depth and breadth it brought to learning. INDEX: 2005 was an ideal project for Art Center as it moves to internationalize its scope and develop a more socially conscientious mission. Students 'walked the talk' in every aspect of this project. Students learned Danish culture and work by living and working in Copenhagen. They learned to work together, as a studio, by starting with nothing and developing their own working methods. They developed a sense of camaraderie and unity by living together. And they learned that design can be about a lot more than aesthetics by participating in a world-class project that values design as an activity with social relevance.

As a faculty member leading the students in Copenhagen, the combination start-up studio and classroom was perfect for working with--and teaching--the values of social responsibility in design. Learning these lessons while living in Denmark--where the social values of the Danish culture were encountered at every turn--reinforced our work and sense of mission.

For me personally, the combination of a socially responsible design project, done with a working studio of student designers, was completely inspirational. It is a model for how I want to work from now on.

As a way of working, a way of living, a way of designing, and as a way of seeing how to live in the world, the INDEX: 2005 experience forever changed our lives.”
Helen, Pasadena Art Center

“It has with no question contributed to the elevation of design in the world and my students and I are prould to have to our humble manner contributed to its success. It was for many of my students in the Arab Emirates an occasion to discover that design is universal and can be acted upon "on line" with collaboration and association of other designers.”
Claude Berube, FIIDA

“We believe the project was of great benefit to our students and lecturing staff. It gave us an opportunity to work as a multidisciplinary design team and gave us a new vision/goal to explore, focus and find holistic answers to the real issues that face our planet and continent within a design context. It was also invaluable to have contact and share ideas with like minded friends and colleagues from around the globe. We have most certainly grown though our involvement in the process.”
Prof Des Laubscher
Design Center
South Africa  

“Students and teaching staff involved in Future Scenarios have approached me several times to share what they define as one of the most rewarding experiences in the last years. Both the contents and the networking are seen here as an improvement in the way design is approached.

We would like to continue being involved in Future Scenarios and other projects INDEX: might invent in the future. We are happy and proud to have the chance of meeting on-line so many interesting and different people. This contact has enriched students’ views on design and given them new points of view on how design can be approached in an international scope.”
Alex Blanch
Director Escuela de Diseño
Facultad de Arquitectura, Diseño y Estudios Urbanos
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile

“The unusual nature of the INDEX study abroad program offered different levels of learning that were constantly in flux throughout the entire summer of 2005, completing an experience unlike any other.”
Tina Park
INDEX Program Student
Art Center College of Design

“For me personally, it has given me confidence in my abilities as a designer. It taught me to go with my instincts and throw ideas out there, because you never know which ones will stick. Aside from trusting myself, I’ve learned to trust others. Many of us learned that sometimes it’s okay to just let go. It was a relief to learn this lesson.”

 … “Who would trust fourteen students to design an entire exhibition? Well, when we started working and giving our weekly presentations to INDEX: we realized that most of it was left up to us. It was exciting and terrifying all at the same time. We were able to work on the concept for the specific parts of the exhibition and then bring the design to life.”

“I can’t stress enough how much I learned from this experience. Every design student should experience working with people from other cultures, in different countries around the world. It opens your eyes to other views and ways of living. You learn a lot about design, but also, a lot about yourself because you are taken out of your comfort zone. It’s a good test. When things get rough, will you pack it up and leave, or will you stick it out no matter what?”
Deniz Orhun
INDEX Program Student
Art Center College of Design:

“So often in school we do projects that are our own—serving only ourselves.  In this case we were designing an exhibition of other peoples work, not our own, to be viewed by a culture that was relatively new to us. In situations like these you really learn to let go of your ego in order to accomplish the task.  I believe that, years from now, or maybe sooner, this will the most rewarding aspect of the experience.”

“The only advice I can give to any students participating in such a program would be to leave you egos and comfort zones at the door.  If you go into the situation with those mindsets, you cannot possibly absorb any percentage of an experience like this has to offer.  You are working for a real client on a real project with your peers in a foreign country.  There are going to be times you must be generous as a designer and uncomfortable.  In the long run this will only make you stronger in the design business.”

Christopher Alvarado
INDEX Program Student
Art Center College of Design



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