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international organisation that wants to spark awareness and debate on the great importance and potential of design. INDEX: wants to inspire the creation of new designs that improve the lives of many people around the world.
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said about INDEX:2005

Lots of positive things have been said about INDEX: although some few critics claim that INDEX: has forgotten the form aspect of design. Read below:

Sydsvenska Dagbladet
”And here at the end of the design year, Denmark takes over the initiative. Not by showing breakthrough design – for that it is far too difficult for them to liberate themselves from the heritage of Arne Jacobsen and the other old masters.
But INDEX: is in itself a design achievement which places Denmark at the centre of the design world".

Peter Lawrence, FAST COMPANY
“Good things are happening in the world of design and innovation. One of the best is INDEX:, a new world event for design and innovation …”

Nordisk Interiör 5-2005
“The five prizes of 100,000 Euro each, close to one million Swedish kroner, place the newly established Danish design prize in the Nobel prize category … With INDEX: the Danes have shown that design include something else than more and more knick-knacks in an already saturated market … The INDEX: prize is a design staking without precedent which puts the Swedish design staking in the shadow".

Andy Reinhardt, Business Week
"Most importantly they widened the standard definition of design well beyond aesthetics and functionality to encompass program and processes whose conceptualizing spoke about imagination, clear thinking and problem solving".

Hirokuni Kanki, Axis
"INDEX: should be commended highly for demonstrating design’s potential to transcend geographic, racial and economic walls. Will this award prompt a new recognition of Denmark’s presence as a nation of design? I look forward to seeing some Japanese design take that city by storm during the next INDEX:",

Editorial Politiken DK
”BUT ALSO for the initiators of … INDEX:, the flag must be dipped. … Forming of beautiful objects … it might not be here, the future's most important design staking lies. THIS IS what INDEX: must be praised for articulating so clearly".

Christian Holmsted Olesen, Danish Museum of Art and Design
”When you renounce the physical form, you abandon the core competency of Danish designers … Our young designers do not have the competencies to design a tax system".

Allan Webber, Founder of Fast Company
 ”INDEX: is a phenomenal event and institution. Everybody, who participates, understands and values how fantastic this event is".

Merete Ahnfeldt-Mollerup, Børsen DK
”But the remaining message is that form is not important. That is incredibly stupid”.

Christian Holmsted Olesen, Danish Museum of Art and Design, Børsen (about the pavilions)
”They work great. It is a well arranged, fun experience to visit them. It is very professional".

Ole Grunbaum, Danish TV. DR2
”The technique with questions and answers in the exhibition pavilions is very sofisticated communication”.

Dorothee Müller, Süddeutsche Zeitung
”An idea that must be spread all over the world. Especially in Germany“.

“In the future the need for new answers will accelerate. INDEX: has accepted this challenge. Therefore the organization, which has Copenhagen as its centre, has created an event that should prove to the world what strategic design can do. The title is Design to improve life, which illustrates that design together with innovation can be a combined to show how people can lead a better life”.

Rasmus Andersskouv, Dansk Industri (Danish Industry)

“INDEX 2005 illustrates that design is more than you expect in the first place. It is important because design creates quality in products and will in the future become a significant competitive parameter for Danish enterprises. The INDEX: exhibitions in the squares of Copenhagen will support this concept and everybody will know what it is after having visited the pavilions.”

Torben Weirup, Berlingske Tidende DK

”Designers can’t save the world. But he or she can make it a better place. The exhibitions in Copenhagen are a genuine bank of ideas to improve life for a lot of people."

Editorial, Information DK
”A real designer is more and something different than an inventor or a social worker. A designer is by nature a designer of shape, and if the coming days of the Views Summit do not reinstall the shaping as a part of the solution and the miracle of the discipline INDEX:2005 is a step backwards rather than an expansion of the design concept".
Hans Skov Christensen, Dansk Industri (Danish Industry)
”We need a policy seeing design as a process and a strategy. Exactly as they do with INDEX:”

BusinessWeek  online
”INDEX: has taken an enormous step away from the rarified, even elitist, world of traditional design competitions, instead highlighting the idea that good design is something that has a direct and immediate impact on improving life.”


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INDEX: 2005 partners were government institutions, private companies and foundations that support INDEX: 2005 financially and with services. Our partners were an integrated part of the development of INDEX: 2005
Without them, INDEX: 2005 would not have existed.

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