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brief descriptions of top nominations

On the list below you can find brief descriptions of some of the INDEX: 2005 top nominations

Parasite provides shelter for homeless people using warm air from heating systems of buildings click

Copenhagen harbour bath

1600m2 harbour bath gives Copenhageners an opportunity to swim in the city’s harbour click


The goal of Fab Three Hab is to propose a method to grow homes from native seeds click


Toilet based on a regular bucket click

sit bag

SitBag is a trolley with a build ind seating function click

Artificial heart
The main feature is that the heartbeats change with psychological shifts click
This personal mobile robotic assistant can help the elderly with daily tasks and provide companionship click
solar pasteurisation unit

Let the sun clean infected drinking water click


Three functions in one bike for the urban family click

Enables can easily enter their car without leaving their wheelchair. click

A strategy to move America towards cleaner, renewable bio-fuels. click


In the future anyone can go to the space on holidays click

Create! Don't Hate.

Campaing for Tolerance click

Design for Democracy

How to improve democratic awareness click


Revolutionary driveline technology package to smash every petrol efficiency and emissions record click


A rainwater storage tank equipped with 10 polyethylene-made tanks click

Helping Hand

The Helping Hand is an intelligent medical storage device. click

Hippo roller

Villagers roll the water in their "hippos," a new invention that has made the heavy task of transporting water easier. click

The ORBIS flying eye hospital

The ORBIS flying eye hospital is a DC-10 aircraft specially designed to train local medical professionals through the illustrative treatment of critical eye care onboard. click


Easy and temporal change of rooms click

A sustainable urban housing project. click

Laughing makes life worth living. click
A soccer field creates a community hub where information to fight AIDS is spread. (Award winner) click

iPod is a whole new category of portable digital audio player that lets you put your entire music collection in your pocket. click

The drowning.defender gives the victim an extra sense of security and reduces panic. click
Wacuum cleaner without bags. click
Flexor- active wheelchair prototype

Simple designed wheelchair makes life easier for enables. click


Easy an rapidly deploiable shelter for refuges or expiditions. click

The “SOS” Infant Nursing Packs
The apparatus is an innovative approach to the problem of feeding bottle related deaths, especially in the developing countries. click
Bios Urn

With Bios Urn graveyards would turn into forests. click 

Syopa (= cancer in Finnish) trademark
The design has diminished fear and made it easier to think and discuss the taboo subject that cancer is. click
MICUS stretcher
A stretcher minimizes "disturbance" for the patients in all stages of transportation. click 

Qualities of the ground-tied house is brought into altitude. click


Skype uses the latest P2P (peer-to-peer) technology to connect users of the program, enabling them to talk and chat online, transfer files and establish conference calls. click


A cell phone turns into a flower. click

Trijak - a new watercraft

A kayak with more stability. click

the vOICe

An audio "pair of glasses" let blind people "see" through sound. click


Grow a chair in your backyard. click


Socialcommercialism is a research project that investigates how design could make it possible to involve ethical, ecological and social issues in today's capitalistic society. click

Grippa Clips to Stop Bag Dippers and Lifters

Attaching the bag to the table prevents theft. click

Apligraf® Living Skin

Apligraf, a medical device, for the treatment of venous leg ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers. click

60 degrees Subway Overhead Support Handle

Stable ride in the subway provided by new design of handle. click

Energy Cloth produces electricity

Being independent of conventional electricity, this would enrich us with the freedom to settle down anywhere on Earth. click

LifeStraw cleans dirty water anywhere

A straw that eliminates 99,99 % of diseases in dirty water. click




Underwear works as a hernia bandage. click

Bio Rubber

A Rubber material with characteristics of human tissue – and therefore with a potential force to replace this. click

SpeediCath Compact

A catheter looking like other beauty products i an woman's handbag. click

Project Fox

A redesign of a hotel promotes a new car. click

Neotopia – Atlas of equitable distribution of the world

A book,“Neotopia”, gives each of us a plot of land measuring 291.5 m by 291.5 m. click


Cheap open source operation system for computers. click

BIX Communicative Display Skin for the Kunsthaus Graz

A matrix of lamps under the surface of a building makes it possible to display greyscale film, animations etc. click

Wovin Wall System

The wall system easily transforms a space and creates atmosphere and visual interest. click

AXN 300 & AXN 500 outdoor computers
Wrist computer with wireless contact to pc. click
Kurumono Kitchen

The Kurumono Kitchen is a completely modular cylindrical unit divided into four sections vertically. click

Tennis racket pick-up ball accessory : play

Elderly and everybody else can now peak up tennis balls with out bending over. click

Rice Maps

Sensors on satellites can see ricefields even when it's cloudy. click


A chair providing movement and ecological balance . click


InterPlay allows spectators to feel like they too are players and part of the action in a way simultaneously both intimate and public. click

Tank Park

Used tanks create a mobile submarine room. This way you will get a spectacular aquarium. click

iBOT™ Mobility System

IBOT sets new standards for disabled peoples possibilities of getting around. click


Vivid-i brings state of the art medical technology to individuals at locations such as: home, remote areas, accidents, and disaster areas. click

The Lifeport Kidney Transporter

A box serves as a hibernative surrogate body for donor organs. click

Circles of Care: Improving the hospital experience by empowering the patient's social network

A service to strengthen the social bonds for the patients at hospitals. click

The ultimate simplicity in computer design. click


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