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SpeediCath Compact : body

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How did this design improve life?:
Catheter for women who prefer a socalled 'intermitting
catheterization', i.e. the users can apply the catheter themselves four to seven times daily. Very often the need for catheter-aided urination is a condition that lasts for life. The catheter looks and feels like other personal hygiene and beauty products in a woman's handbag.
Name of Designer(s):
Allan Tanghøj
Designers professional status:
Status of realization:
Kind of design:
Produced by:
Year of production, realization or publishing:
Designed in country:
Used on continents:
Entire World
Short description of design:
SpeediCath Compact has been designed specifically for women who perform intermittent catheterization, which means they need to empty their bladder by use of a catheter 4-7 times a day. The product is pre-lubricated, easy to use, and only a third of the size of a standard catheter for women and thus very discreet.

Functionallity and use of design:
SpeediCath Compact consists of three parts:

* A thin flexible tube that is inserted into the bladder (the catheter)
* A firm inner tube containing water to activate the lubrification
* A firm outer tube which is first the packaging and then a non-touch handle when the catheter is extended
Drawbacks of life improvement:
Unfortunately it has not been possible to get enough information to answer this question.

Research and need:
During the entire development process, there has been a close dialog between women using intermittent catheters, professionals treating the patients, and Coloplast. SpeediCath Compact combines a high knowledge of technology within especially surfaces and materials with a very profound understanding of user needs.
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