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Power Mac 5/Cinema Display system : work

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How did this design improve life?:
The Power Mac G5 is one of the fastest personal computers on the market. To complement this 64-bit processor breakthrough, Apple's desktop tower has been designed from the inside out so that the case and internals fit together for maximum thermal efficiency. Consisting of only 5 major architectural parts, this assembly solves the challenges of structure, access, cooling and electrical emissions in a highly refined manner. To achieve this, all design, system and performance objectives were distilled to ensure an optimized system in every respect.

A locking mechanism on the side door prevents unauthorized access, keeping the inside of your computer safe from tampering. Front-mounted I/O and headphone connectors provide quick access to frequently used ports.

The Power Mac G5 provides users with up to two 64-bit G5 processors reaching top speeds of 2.5GHz, room for up to 8GB of main memory, pro performance graphics cards and ultrahigh-bandwidth system architecture that deliver more results than systems costing twice as much. This allows them to be more productive in less time. The heat produced by such a powerful machine is quietly dispersed through liquid cooling technology and computer-controlled fans that can be activated separately and only when needed.

Apple’s Cinema Display features a widescreen design that provides a natural format for arranging documents the way your brain processes them — longer wide than high. Each display matches the sculpted aluminum enclosures of the Power Mac G5. This strong, anodized aluminum also allows for an exceptionally narrow bezel, so you can use multiple displays together seamlessly. The Cinema Display hovers above your desk on a curvaceous stand with a very small footprint, and hardly requires any pressure to adjust the viewing angle from -5° to 25°, since the enclosure is the lightest Apple display ever.

That light weight also allows the Cinema Display to be wall-mounted, pemitting the user to place a monitor wherever it best meets her/his needs.

The Cinema Display, using LCD technology, also saves the user money, as it requires less power to run compared with CRT monitors. Its design is also better for the environment, as it uses less materials to construct and ship.
Name of Designer(s):
Apple Industrial Design Team
Designers professional status:
Status of realization:
Kind of design:
Produced by:
Apple Computer, Inc.
Year of production, realization or publishing:
Designed in country:
United States
Used on continents:
Entire World
Short description of design:
The Power Mac G5 is one of the fastest personal computers on the market. The Cinema Display is the perfect companion. The anodized aluminum finish of the Power Mac and Cinema Display is extremely durable and complements the Apple product line.
Functionallity and use of design:
Consisting of only five major architectural parts, the Power Mac G5 solves the challenges of structure, access, cooling and electrical emissions in a highly refined manner. The Cinema Display’s advanced hinge technology and peripheral support give you flexibility to place your display anywhere and adjust it effortlessly.
Drawbacks of life improvement:
Research and need:
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