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Eifelland DESEO, light-weight and absolute low-price caravan : play

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How did this design improve life?:
The vehicle's exterior is characterised by highest functionality. In a compact space, the shape allows maximum utilisation of space, and imparts the necessary incisiveness to the caravan.

The interior focuses on the realisation of a flexible living space concept. The caravan will close the gap between the tent camper and the traditional caravan camper, and with its modular design therefore allows a large extent of layout individualism.

The inside equipment is characterised by structural furniture elements (frames) which, apart from additional body stabilisation, also provide the structure for the individual user-selectable modules.

The fixed installed components are the kitchen module at the vehicle centre, the side board on the opposite side, a cross-tray in the roof area of the vehicle front, the seat group that is located below this tray, and a bed in the rear.

The kitchen block optionally contains a removable spirit stove cooker and a refrigerator. A possible vehicle heating system is integrated in the sideboard.
The benches and the central table can be converted into a bed for two persons.
The space beneath the benches can be fitted with conventional plastic boxes, which may be directly loaded into the vehicle through a hatch in the outside wall.
The beds can be set in different positions with an extremely simple mechanism. When the lower bed is folded up, the space created there is directly accessible from the outside through a hatch, and can be used as stowing space for sports equipment. Another position of the beds simply creates a sofa.

The textile cabinets, which are stabilised in the floor areas with insertion plates and can be closed with zippers, can be easily mounted and fixed between the frames with two pipes each (see picture). With this principle, different sizes and functions (e.g. shoe cabinet) can be realised without any problems.

In order to make it unnecessary to bring along bulky camping furniture, the interior pieces of furniture are of flexible design and can also be used outside. For example, the table can also be fastened at a rail that is integrated in the wheel-house panel. The plastic boxes that are stowed away under the benches can be used as seats, since their cover features an upholstered plate. The removable cooker can also be used outside.

The trailer is no conventional mobile home but rather a rolling tent. There is no luxury equipment.
During vacation life takes place in nature and the trailer is more of a space for retreat with maximum flexibility during night or bad weather.
Name of Designer(s):
müller|romca Industrial Design - Wilhelm v. Bodelschwingh, Heiko Bachmann -
Designers professional status:
Status of realization:
Kind of design:
Produced by:
Knaus Tabbert Group GmbH
Year of production, realization or publishing:
Designed in country:
Used on continents:
Short description of design:
Caravan for beginners. Clearly structured and reduced exterior design despite of conventional construction. The interior has only minimal integral parts and enables the extensive usage of the furniture also in the outside area.
Functionallity and use of design:
refer to: How did this design improve life?
Drawbacks of life improvement:
Camping strengthens individual traffic. On the other hand there is less air travel and people choose closer places for their vacation.
Research and need:
Testgroup research and market analysis by the manufacturer. Our own holiday experiences with camping and tenting. Inquiries of tent campers. Analysis of the reasons that speak against the purchase of a traditional Caravan. Construction of a full scale mock-up in which all variations of the interior could be tested.
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