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AXIOM Range of playground products : play

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How did this design improve life?:
Chidren encounter dozens of different challenges every day outside the home. How to move about in the immediate environment? How to perceive the surroundings? The changing urban environment poses a great deal of different requirements, calling for practise in order to be learnt. An what better way for children to learn than through play. The Axiom range of playground products takes as its starting point the needs of children in an urban milieu. The carefully studied and internationally tested products provide a hig-quality playing environment of impulses and stimuli, merging the child´s world of imagination with the real built environment. The main focus is on the needs of over six-years olds to climb, slide and hang from bars.Play helps children learn the the motor, cognitive and social skills needed in today´s rapidly changing world. While acquiring a knowledge of basic forms shapes, children will also learn motor skills, body control and how to solve problems. The equipment can be used for individual or group practice of a wide range of activities and social skills. It has been tested with children in different parts of Europe and it meets international standards of quality and safety.
Name of Designer(s):
Hannu Ylinenpää, Marjo Naukkarinen, Esa Junttila
Designers professional status:
Status of realization:
Kind of design:
Produced by:
Lappset Group Oy
Year of production, realization or publishing:
Designed in country:
Used on continents:
Asia, Europe
Short description of design:
Design has been a core aspect in developing Axiom play equipment. Innovative yet researched design can help create a safe, educational and motivating growth environment with stimuli and impulses for children. The timeless, streamlined design also shows that the needs of the target group are recognized as important. The products are well-finished, of high-standard and safe. It is not necessary lay concrete for a playground site. The various parts and components are easily assemled into different combinations and they are easy to care for.
Functionallity and use of design:
Axiom playground equipment is based on distinct, simple fors. Their geometric shapes relate to the modern built environment. The materials relate to a wide range of sensory perception, some of them even contradictors. The colouful visual parts create contrasts between different shapes They teach children to preceive space and their own movement, which increased safety. The colours associate the palyground with the constructed park environment.
Drawbacks of life improvement:
Research and need:
In addition to Lappsets many years´ experience in producing playground equipments the design of AXIOM has been based on studies concerning the childrens´ needs to learn the motor, cognitive and social skills needed in today´s rapidly chaning world. The combination of materials - wood and aluminium - refers to the tradition of using the raw material growing in Northern Finland and the possibilites of modern materials.
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